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2012 Glenmore Calcutta

2012 Glenmore Calcutta
Glenmore, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC » 2012-02-03 to 2012-02-11

Congratulations to our finalists!

ADavid Dunlop · GlenmoreBen Lank · Glenmore
BStan Fong · GlenmoreVlad Freud · Glenmore
CTom Wharry · GlenmoreLarry South · Glenmore
DGerry Routledge · GlenmoreTim Colby · Glenmore

Bonspiel Information

Sign-up and Teams

  • Each member must sign up individually for this event. Open to Glenmore members only.
  • Players will be ranked by a committee. Since an equal number of individuals are required for each position, players will be ranked accordingly.
  • The teams will be drawn at random. (One player from each position will be randomly drawn).
  • The roster of teams will be posted at the club and on the web site at least 24 hours before the auction.
  • The club entry fee for this event is $25.
  • The deadline for signing up is the Monday before the auction.

Owners' Pool

  • On auction night, teams are put up for sale to the highest individual bidder or syndicate.
  • Money collected becomes part of the Owners' Pool.
  • 10% goes to the club and 90% towards the Owners' Pool.
    • Out of this 90%: 
      Winner of "A" -   35%
      Runner-up of "A" -   15%
      Winner of "B" -   15%
      Runner-up of "B" -   7.5%
      Winner of "C" -   15%
      Runner-up of "C" -   7.5%
      Winner of "D" -   5%
  • Players usually buy back 40% of their team's selling price from their owner (10% per player).

Players' Pool

  • Of the $25 entry fee for the event, $10 goes to the Players' Pool, and the remainder towards dinner, snacks and entertainment.
  • Of the Players' Pool, 10% goes to the club and the remaining 90% goes to the players, split in the same way as the Owners' Pool

Win/Show Tickets

  • After the auction, you will be able to purchase WIN tickets on the team you think will win the Calcutta.
  • You can also purchase SHOW tickets. To win, you must pick the "A" winner, "A" runner-up, "B" runner-up or "C" winner.
  • WIN tickets cost $5 each, and SHOW tickets are $2 each. They will be available up until the first stone of the event is delivered.


  • Before every game during the spiel, you will be able to purchase EXACTA tickets for $2 each. In order to win, you must pick all of the winning teams for one specific draw. Details will be available before every draw, therefore you should come to your games early.


  • At the end of the auction, a draw will take place to determine when each team and their opponents will play their first games.
2012-02-02 2:15am

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