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WebSpiel is an online service for curling bonspiel management.

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The goal of WebSpiel is to put the power and diversity of the Internet in the control of your club by faciliting the tasks involved in running a bonspiel. Create a new event, add venues (clubs), details, draws and a schedule. Teams can register here for your event or you can enter the details as the administrator. Track all the game details online as they playout in the club. Friends and family can follow bonspiel progress at home or half-way around the world. Participants can get instant updates for changes in draw times or who they will be playing next. All the details will be published here, as well as on Twitter and through RSS feeds. When the event is completed, archive the game data to use again later and publish recaps. Integrate your event's sponsor details, photos, prizes and more. Teams and visitors can get all the details online and subscribe to instant updates to game details and scheduling.

The passion of curling...
"No, it's not just a rock, It's forty-two pounds of polished granite, with a bevelled underbelly and a handle a human being can hold. And it may have no practical purpose in and of itself, but it is a repository of human possibility and if it's handled just right, it will exact a kind of poetry... For ten years, I've drilled for oil in 93 countries, five different continents, and not once have I done anything to equal the grace of a well-thrown rock sliding down a sheet. Not once..."
-Quote from Men With Brooms, 2002

Getting Started

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Most Events

As of October 1st, 2012, the standard fee is CDN $100.00 per event plus applicable taxes*.

Stardard events are typically maximum 32 teams, 4 sections, single venue and span up to 10 days. Additional fees may apply for larger or longer events.

The site has more than 90 existing draw templates. If your event requires a custom template, additional fees will apply.

All fees must be received before the start of the event.

There is no longer a promotional discount for new customers.


An organization or club may request a package deal to host multiple events (3 or more).

Junior Curling

There are no fees to host most Junior bonspiels! (Some conditions may apply.)

* TCMP will collect the GST/HST for all Canadian Provinces and Territories depending on the location of the venue. TCMP will also collect the QST for locations in Quebec. Customers outside of Canada are exempt from additonal taxes on WebSpiel fees.
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